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2018 VINTAGE: WINNER OF 2 GOLD MEDALS and awarded “World’s Best Olive Oils” at the 2018 New York International Olive Oil Competition. Our olives are hand harvested in Istria, in a tradition dating back over 2,000 years. The Ritossa Groves represents the distillation of 600 years of history – of a grove, a family and a region. The gnarled roots of the Ritossa groves have persevered through war and natural disasters, through changes of climate and country, and under the rule of warrior princes, wealthy merchant kings and modern despots.

The region of Istria has had many owners and each has prized its fertile olive groves, the oldest of which can be traced back over 2,000 years. Now part of Slovenia & Croatia, Istria was once of Italy and before that the province of Venetian kings.

Regardless of its nominal owners, Istria has always been the true servant of its olive oil. Because of its favoured location on the Adriatic Sea, the Istrian olive groves have been protected by the water’s moderating effects from harsh temperature changes that have periodically wrecked olive regions further inland.

The culture of Istrian olive production has also prized quality over quantity, routinely pruning trees to achieve the best flavour rather than the greatest yield, and harvesting to the desires of the palate – when olives are ripe – and not to the demands of the market. There are known to be more varietals of olive oil than there are of wine, each with unique characteristics.

Istria’s latitude and location by the sea serve to enhance the golden green color with a unique sharp flavor that provides an aromatic scent of wild herbs, almonds and radicchio.

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